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Hi there, I am a Computer Science graduate from the National University of Singapore

The Bytes Written - this blog - will be where I share my thoughts on technical topics (i.e. Coding/Software Engineering/Computer Science) as well as some personal reflections related to my studies, life, and other interests. I plan to regularly post updates and insights on this website, and I hope that it will be a useful resource for others who are interested in similar topics.

I believe that combining book knowledge and hands-on experience is key to mastering any skill. To this end, I have pursued several internships and software engineering roles to sharpen my skills and knowledge.

In my first summer of the university, I had the privilege to join a startup where I worked on diverse web development projects. I found this experience both fascinating and fulfilling. To meet the challenges, I had to engage in a lot of self-directed learning and proactively seek out the guidance and mentorship from my colleagues. Despite the difficulties, I persevered, and seeing the website go live while knowing that I played a part in developing its tools gave me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Working as a software engineer, I am always searching for opportunities that allow me to utilize my skills while continuing to learn and grow. I am excited about the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the field and am confident in my ability to meet new challenges as they arise.

I enjoy:

  • šŸƒrunning
  • šŸŽ§listening to podcasts (while running), and
  • šŸ’”thinking about how to write better code

My bookmarks contain other things that I care about.

Lastly, I am clearly lazy to make a better About pagešŸ¦„