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Brag Doc 2023

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A "brag document" is a document that lists every key accomplishments so that you can refer to it when you get to performance review season (from Julia Evans).

Taking that idea, this living document is a collection of my achievements that I am proud of, a long form extension of my resume.



A a senior developer/maintainer, I decided to zero in on making sure we have the best developer experience. I created an onboarding bootcamp, detailing how a new developer can get started with MarkBind. This directly impacts batches of student developers from NUS every year, to help them get started with possibly their first open source project. It also serves as a good introductory material to any interested developer who wants to go deeper into MarkBind.

To increase the outreach of MarkBind, I have put in effort to help projects currently using MarkBind for their documentation to upgrade or improve their MarkBind setup. For example, helping CATcher to migrate their MarkBind version to V4.

I have also pushed for the adoption of MarkBind in NUS, by helping to introduce MarkBind as a documentation tool in CS2103T Software Engineering's group assignment. This allows groups to create their project documentation using MarkBind (as opposed to the previous method of using Jekyll). I consider this a success as there were quite a few groups who have adopted MarkBind, bringing our npm weekly downloads to a new high of 1-2k (from 1-4 hundred previously). I provided necessary support to the students who encountered issues with their MarkBind setup.

npm download stat

Another aspect of maintaining open-source software is to get invovled in the release process. With much preparation, I have drafted and released MarkBind V4.1.0 ๐Ÿš€. In the spirit of always improving and always documenting, I have also made a follow-up Documentation PR to clarify the release process for future maintainers.

Other notable contributions include:

MDN Web Docsโ€‹

MDN Web Docs is a Mozilla project that aims to document the web.

  • issues I have opened or investigated
  • PRs I have made and merged

I have worked on editing articles written by other technical writers to fix errors and improve the quality of the articles.