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End of University Year 1

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Here is a mid-year update to the goals that were mentioned in my "hello world 2020" article:

  • Secure one summer internship (or NUS'CVWO)

I managed to secure both NUS CVWO and an internship position at a local startup (I chose to go with the latter).

  • Continue to write CS & web dev related stuff (at least on a Bi-weekly basis)

I wrote an article or two and had a few in the pipeline, but did not follow through with the promise of bi-weekly publishing. I need to reconsider this due to my other commitments.

  • Be great at one module each semester (aim to TA for it)

I am fairly happy with what I learned in CS2103T Software Engineering, though I can't say I am great at it (result unknown as of now). I started to be active in the class forum right after midterm and that was fun. There were interesting discussions and I benefitted from peer learning.

  • Put in efforts to develop one of my ideas to fruition

I am excited to start working on my ideas in the upcoming summer.

  • Do one open-source project

Same as above, looking forward to contribute to possible open source projects under NUS in the second half of the year.

  • Be wholesome and happy while doing the above:)


Maybe it's time for me to write reviews for the modules that I have taken:


Low level stuff that computer science students might be interested to know. Lot's of 1s and 0s. Overall an interesting module that has a somewhat similar vibe with CS1231S Discrete Structures. Most content can come off as surprising and complex at first glance, but once I start to get familar with the topics, things like control, MIPs instructions and other binary stuff seemed less scary. Certainly not a module that I mastered, but I feel that the information in the module is good to know.


A compulsory communication module paired with CS2103T Software Engineering. Focused on class interaction, group presentation and ended with essay writing. Because of my tutor's enthusiasm, it was easy to participate in class. The opportunities to practice group presentations served as great way to receive constructive feedback on individual communication shortcomings.


My highlight-of-the-semester module and I think it has an excellent coverage and great delivery. The course taught me things that software engineers should at least be aware of. This include UML diagrams, test case design heuristics and things like software project management. I would say it is fairly comprehensive and I picked up lot's of nuggets of wisdom that could possibly help in my future software engineering projects. Prof Damith and the teaching team were considerate and responsive.

The module also served as a playground to create and contribute to small to mid size code bases. The collaborative nature meant that one has to work with their team mates and participate in a range of team activities such as weekly meeting and peer review and discussion of issues as well as pull requests.


Another compulsory math module for CS students. Builds on top of JC H2 Math Statistics knowledge. Pretty much self-study.

DMY1401TT: DESIGN YOUR OWN MODULE (Machine Learning in Practice)

Not as expected and I could have self taught the content provided. Mostly surface level stuff with some in-depth knowledge that was communicated at the surface level.-.


No intention to put any efforts into this module and going to SU.


I understand what this module is trying to do and appreciate how it at least requires minimal efforts each week. I won't explain much because of the super low workload.