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Liu Yongliang's Now Page

Here's what I'm doing now, including and on top of being a full-time undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore studying Computer Science.


2023 Yearly Brag Document



  • I'm working on my research project on Human Computer Interaction.


  • Update: NOPE, I'm not able to keep the promise given below due to other priorities...
  • I'm getting back on a consistent writing schedule with The Bytes Written - this blog.
  • Which means minimally: ~1 post a week | ~4 posts a month | ~48 posts in 2023.
  • School-related/personal posts will stay here, and the rest will also be published on Medium and


  • Maintaining MarkBind, a static site generator for content-heavy websites.
    • My focus is on providing code reviews and mentoring new contributors.


This page was inspired by Derek Sivers' now page.